Keep The Fire Burning

“Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”  (I Peter 4:8)

The word “fervent” means to be eager, enthusiastic, passionate, zealous, fanatical and burning.  So what God is saying is not only to burn for each other, but actively keep burning.  It doesn’t say to burn once a week.  It says to KEEP burning.  Eagerly seek to love each other physically, and the emotional, mental and spiritual embers will stay heated.  To keep the fire going we have to constantly and continuously add wood and fan the flame.  Or, blow on it and get a big woody!  If you’re thinking, “Yikes!  She’s so vulgar.”  Let me say this, it’s only vulgar if you’re doing it with strangers.   We were created as sexual beings and marriage was designed to be the playground on which our sexuality romps. 

I challenge you to open your mind and start visualizing sex with your spouse outside the comfort confines of missionary position.  If words like masturbation, oral sex, striptease, doggie style and sex toys make you feel embarrassed it’s because you are clinging to man-made inhibitions not God-given restrictions.  

“Those aren’t very Christian-like terms.”  Says who?   God puts no limit on sexual creativity.  The Bible doesn’t say to keep fervent in your love, but make sure he’s on top all the time.  It says be fanatical!  Ladies, hop on, go down, shock the man you love with pleasure.  Men, be the dirty dog you want to be, spin her around and howl at the moon.  Be eager to try something different.  It takes work to keep a bonfire raging and it requires commitment; but it creates lasting warmth and desire.

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