Creatures of Habit

         Human beings are uniquely designed to be creatures of habit.  We get into a routine and soon that routine becomes our normal pattern of existence.  We get up at a particular time and go to bed around a particular time.  We have night time rituals like washing our face and brushing our teeth.  We like to eat at certain times during the day and find ourselves adapting to feeling hungry when the noshing hour nears.   It is no different with sex.  Once you begin to make sexual activity a normal pattern in your life, the craving for sex will increase to meet the output.  Sexual bonding is designed to reinforce itself, thereby providing stability within the marriage.  You crave more as you get more which in turn drives you to pursue it more frequently.  It is a win-win-win for your marriage.

            This constant craving is innate, inborn, and instinctive.  Some will tell you sex is strictly for the purpose of procreation, that we were initially designed to crave sex so that we could populate and fill the Earth as commanded.  This is not the truth.  Sex was designed by the Creator as a form of marital intimacy.  Procreation is a beautiful side effect.  Way back in the Garden of Eden when God created Eve and gave her to Adam, it was not for the purpose of procreating.  It was because Adam was lonely.  God knew he needed intimacy and physical touch.  (Genesis 2:18  “Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone…’”)

          Medical research has shown our bodies work better when frequent sex is a regular routine in our lifestyle.  There are numerous health benefits to frequent sex.  These include improvement in self-esteem, deeper emotional attachment, better posture, lower incidence of illness, lowered stress and less anxiety, youthfulness, more energy, muscular contraction and better bladder control, increased circulation, and greater levels of the hormones dopamine and oxytocin, which are proven to be natural anti-depressants.  Frequent sex promotes cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, and helps people sleep better.  All this, plus the euphoric high of an orgasm, and it’s all free.  Wow!   Is there any reason we shouldn’t be getting laid every day?  We want it.  We need it.  It’s good for us.  God says to do it.  What are you waiting for? 

           Make sex a part of your physical exercise regiment.  Go run a mile then come home and ride in style!   In the wise words of a Big & Rich lyric, we should all “save a horse, ride a cowboy.”  Yee Haw!  ~

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